Why Join AMA

The American Marketing Association is a great way for students to not only get involved but also learn a lot about the business industry! Each week we have a professional from the industry come speak to our members, with food being provided too! For the meetings that we do not have a speaker coming in, we plan a case competition or resume/LinkedIn workshop for the members. Additionally, we have one tour of a marketing agency here in San Diego each semester. For the people who are looking for an internship or job, we have a biannual networking event called The Professional Networking Night. Feel free to stop by any meeting to experience what AMA could do for you! Down below, we had execute members share why they joined AMA and their favorite memory!


Kaitlin Glasl, President

Hi everyone! I’m Kaitlin and I’m currently the President of the American Marketing Association. I joined AMA my freshman year, second semester as a general member. As my sophomore year came around, I was able to serve on the executive board. AMA sparked my interest when I learned about all of the amazing networking and learning opportunities from a classroom announcement. I decided to join because I knew I would not receive as much hands-on experience with marketing in my class than I would in AMA. My favorite memory of being a part of AMA is going to New Orleans for a marketing conference with the executive board!

edom Mehari, Vice President

Hey guys! I joined AMA in fall of 2017, so I have been a part of the organization for 1 1/2 years. I first heard about AMA after searching online for a marketing club at SDSU and then found the club during tabling for more information. I joined AMA because I wanted to be a part of something more at SDSU and network with my peers and setting outside of classes. Overall, my favorite memory is the trip with the exec board to New Orleans to represent SDSU at the 2018 AMA International Collegiate Conference, last spring in April.



Lauren of shapiro, Vp Finance

Hi guys! I joined AMA my freshman year so I could get involved early! I heard about it from one of my marketing friends that told me about the organization and I decided to check it out. After a couple meetings, I decided to join AMA because it’s a great opportunity to get exposed to hands on marketing and learn more about the industry and local professionals. My favorite AMA memory was definitely the bonfire that we co-hosted with other business orgs!

Lilly medeiros, vp of marketing

Hi! I'm Lilly and the current VP of Marketing for AMA. I joined AMA my first semester as a Freshman and have been in it ever since. I heard about this organization from a family friend who went to SDSU. As a Freshman that wasn’t too sure about choosing marketing as my major, AMA helped me learn more about this industry and gain so much experience. My favorite memory in AMA was our exec retreat where we camped at the Carlsbad State Beach!



Monica Nieto, Vp of operations

I joined AMA in the Spring of 2018 after hearing an in-class presentation from AMA exec board members. I decided to join because I wanted to gain knowledge about marketing. I also joined to network and to be more involved on campus. My favorite memory was staying in Oceanside by the beach for the fall 2018 exec board retreat. I really enjoyed getting to know all of the great people on the exec board, it was a wonderful time and helped bring in the new semester.

Dana miller, Social media manager

I joined AMA during the spring semester of 2018. I knew I wanted to join a marketing club so I searched on Instagram and stumbled upon AMA. I thought it would be a great way to network and gain the experience needed for the real world, so I signed up! My favorite memory in this organization was when the whole club attended an agency tour to Vitro, a marketing agency near Liberty Station. 



Jordy buchanan, Multi-media Director

I joined AMA in the Fall semester of 2017, because I wanted to meet more people in my major and hear from speakers in the marketing field to learn as much as I can. I heard about AMA through the tabling they do at the beginning of the semester. My favorite memory in AMA is when my group won the One More Wave case competition we did.


I joined AMA during the first semester of my junior year. I heard about AMA through their tabling on campus. After learning more about the club, I decided to join so I could hear from marketing professionals and learn how I can become a successful marketer. My favorite memory has been participating in the marketing committee meetings and helping to design the Professional Networking Night theme and flyer.



christie Keller, Community relations director

I joined AMA last year as a Freshman, second semester. I heard about it through tabling and the College of Business website, and decided to join because I was uncertain about what business major I wanted to choose. This club has definitely helped me to decide on Marketing as a career to pursue! My favorite memory so far was our agency tour last semester of Vitro because it opened my eyes to all that a career in marketing could be!

Alan ly, quality assurance

I joined AMA during Spring of 2018 as a Junior. I heard about AMA through classroom announcements. I decided to join to get an advantage in networking and exposure to the marketing world. My favorite memory in AMA is Professional Networking Night because it gave me a lot of practice speaking to so many different employers in one day.



Jonathan huaracha, programming director

I joined during the Spring semester of 2018. I heard about AMA from a former board member during a tabling event. I decided to join AMA because I wanted to grow my network. Overall, my favorite memory from AMA was from the luau at the end of the semester because I technically won the limbo contest!

Casey Vogt, Events director

Hi! I joined AMA in Spring 2018 because a friend had told me about it! She was so enthusiastic about it that I decided to join. I love that AMA emphasizes networking and being among people in my same major. It has been great being a part of an organization that I truly gain so much from. My favorite AMA memory is the executive board retreat we had this past September!